An AWD System Tailored to You Sets Audi Quattro Apart

A few months back, we gave you a primer on Audi’s new quattro with ultra system. While many drivers will enjoy its combination of traction and efficiency, some may prefer a model with the standard system. But what makes it such a legend in the world of all-wheel drive systems? The answer is a constant balance of power to the wheels that need it most.

But Audi takes Quattro a step further than competing automakers do with their intelligent all-wheel drive systems. Each system is different in every model—meaning an A6 won’t have the same system as an A7, or a Q7. In normal driving conditions, the system will send a unique ratio of power to the front and rear wheels, with minor adjustments when the car corners. If traction is lost, this power will be redistributed between axles and wheels, to help the car or CUV retain its grip.

The system works so well, you’d be hard pressed to notice! To learn more about it, contact our Audi dealership in Danbury, CT whenever it’s convenient. We’d be happy to sign you up for a test drive.

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