Exciting Innovation in the 2018 Audi Q5

Have you been looking for a new SUV but are tired of the lack of detail, refinement, or individuality. The 2018 Audi Q5 steps away from the pack and pushes the limits of our expectations. With a striking pose, the Q5 is as graceful to the eye as it is dominating on the road, versatile design and capability make this SUV one to remember. Step into a new Audi Q5 and be transported to a place you never thought existed.

Innovative Capability

The uniqueness of the Audi Q5 is captivating, but it’s the innovation in capable performance that is truly exciting. An all-new quattro with ultra technology presents itself in the Q5 to deliver an upgrade to efficiency without sacrificing the benefits of all-wheel drive. Designed to become fully engaged in just a quarter of a second, the system uses sophisticated sensors and software to run simulations of what the conditions will be like a half-second in the future. Since the system can engage in half that time, all-wheel drive can be ready before it's even needed. You can still take advantage of permanent all-wheel drive through off-road drive select.

If you are interested in the innovative Audi Q5 and all the fantastic features that it holds call or visit our showroom in Danbury, CT. Talk with one of our Audi auto experts about any questions you have and to get behind the wheel and test drive a new Q5.

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