Audi Quattro with Ultra: Predicting Traction and Saving Gas Like a Boss

In the words of House Stark, “Winter is Coming.” Which means scenes like the one in the video above may soon be commonplace in our corner of Connecticut. But if you’re vetting an Audi model with the famous quattro all-wheel drive system, we’d like to tell you about a new iteration available on select 2018 models that predicts traction loss, while also netting better fuel economy.

The predictive aspects of this system aren’t new, but quattro with ultra is. Debuting on the 2017 Allroad (shown above), it works using a clutch and integrated decoupler that can disconnect the rear axle, and opens a differential to prevent rear-wheel drag. When the system predicts traction loss, the same prop shaft is accelerated and reconnected within milliseconds to prevent a loss of traction. In the Allroad, it enables 22 mpg city and 30 mpg on the highway, and works so well, the switch can’t be felt by the driver.

But the Allroad isn’t the only model where quattro with ultra technology is available. The 2018 Q5, and other recently-updated models also offer it. To find out if the vehicle on your mind has it, contact our Audi dealership in Danbury, CT and consult a sales representative.

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