Audi Certified Pre-Owned; The Go to for Savvy Danbury Luxury Drivers

If you have a taste for refinement and performance but also love the hunt for a great deal, you're in luck! Here at Audi Danbury we are committed to bringing a variety of Audi certified pre-owned models to our customers. These certified pre-owned models offer peace of mind that comes with a new vehicle with the price of a pre-owned model. That makes shopping Audi certified pre-owned the perfect match for savvy Danbury luxury drivers.

A certified pre-owned Audi vehicle is special because of the value it brings. Whether you're looking for a sporty Audi A3 or a versatile Audi Q5 you get the best value. Audi certified vehicles must pass a rigorous inspection that checks every part of the vehicle, this gives you the greatest initial value in a pre-owned model. Vehicles that earn an Audi certification get an extended limited powertrain warranty that protects you for six-year/100,000 total-vehicle-miles. So, if you're interested in an Audi certified pre-owned vehicle be sure to come by our pre-owned dealership at Weeks Pre-Owned Center and speak with an Audi auto expert. We will answer all your questions and help you explore the models you're interested in.

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