How is an Audi Better Than a BMW?

Learn Just a Few Ways Right Here

When it comes to comparing these two German automakers, there is a lot at stake. Both have celebrated years of accolades and awards, enjoyed being at the top of the food chain in the luxury car community, and boasted style like no other. Which one is the best pick for you? How does Audi stand out against BMW? We're glad you asked.

  • Every Audi model in the lineup has premium comfort seating, leather materials, and an intuitive design. BMW can be hit or miss, not always offering high-end materials, and often missing a few features.
  • Performance is pretty consistent with Audi, particularly in the lineup of luxury Audi SUVs. You get quattro all-wheel drive with each one, while BMW charges you extra for their all-wheel drive.
  • With Audi, you'll get more for your money, while BMW tends to charge extra for features that should be standard. An Audi model gives you several standard features that are only offered in a package on a BMW model.
  • With Audi, you know you can always find great Audi incentives to help sweeten the experience of driving home in a new car or SUV. With BMW, it can be hit or miss.

If you want to see the real reason why you should own or lease an Audi model, visit us and take a test drive. You'll be glad to learn how easy it can be to bring home this luxury brand, so don't hesitate to stop in for a talk with our team.

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