Connecticut drivers know that winter brings challenging driving conditions. With the snow and ice, travel can get a little dicey. Luckily, if you are driving an Audi vehicle with all-wheel drive, you will be better prepared than many other cars on the road. The trick with all-wheel drive, however, is that it is only as good as the tires on the vehicle. The tires are responsible for the traction you get on the roads, which is why a winter wheel and tire package at Audi Danbury, located at 25 Sugar Hollow Road in Danbury, CT, is such a good idea for making sure you stay safe on the roads this winter. If you have never been to our dealership, but want to explore our wheel and tire packages, please use our driving directions to find us.

Why a Winter Tire and Wheel Package?

There are some customers who wonder what the advantages of a separate set of winter wheels and tires might be. We know that there are some customers who try to save money by going on all-season tires for the whole year and only having one set of rims, but that is not the safest or most effective way of preparing for winter travel. Winter tires are made with a special rubber that make them more capable of traction in winter driving conditions. They also have different tread depth and patterns that assist with maintaining grip on the road. Travelling with all-season tires and rims for the whole year wears your tires sooner and gives you a tire that is not designed for the road conditions.

In addition to better grip and traction, another reason to get a winter wheel and tire package is that you will be able to maneuver more effectively and brake much quicker than you would otherwise. You will also enjoy the benefit of your tires and rims lasting longer, as well as making it more convenient when you go to switch tires in the spring. Audi Danbury also provides free road hazard protection on every wheel and tire package we sell. There's a lot of extra value in peace of mind.

Investing in Your Safety and Driving Experience

Audi Danbury, in Danbury, CT, knows that no one wants to be stranded or go off the road because of wheels and tires that weren't designed for the conditions they are facing. Purchase your wheel and tire package today and use our service scheduler to make your appointment to get them put on today.

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