Audi Danbury Management and Brand Specialists

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  • Josh Weeks
    Dealer Principal

  • Steve Haas
    General Manager

  • Jonathan Svezia
    Sales Manager

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  • Chris Curran
    Asst. Sales Manager
    (203) 546-6804

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    AudiDanbury welcomes our newest member to the team, Chris Curran as our Asst. Sales Manager.  Chris brings a wealth of experience in the auto business, holding various roles in CT and Las Vegas, and he was "born into the business".

    In his free time, you'll find Chris somewhere outdoors, whether hitting the trails or local fairways.  Welcome Chris.

  • Jim Ceccarelli
    Business Manager

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    We welcome Jim back to Audi Danbury (he started here in 1994) after a successful run as Business Manager at Danbury Porsche (another Weeks Automotive Group dealership). When Jim is not working with his Audi clients, he can be found on a golf course or the Long Island Sound aboard his boat. 

  • Jeff Regensburger
    Business Manager

    A Business Manager at Audi Danbury since 2009, Jeff brings more than 30 years of experience in the automotive business to the table. Away from the dealership you'll find Jeff participating in any number of activities; ice hockey, racquetball, photography, gardening, wood working. They're all on the agenda.


  • Sara Di Fabbio-Keeler
    Internet Sales Manager

    A veteran of Weeks Automotive since 2006, Sara is also responsible for training new salespeople for the entire Weeks Automobile Corporation family of dealerships.

  • Tony Catalano
    Audi Brand Specialist

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    Tony has over 30 years experience with Audi highlighting his passion for automobiles.  He has personally owned over 22 Audi models, not to mention seven Porsches, but currently loves his new A5.  Tony takes pride in relating to his clients and likes to spend his free time on the golf course.

    Tony Catalano has been selling Audis to the Connery family for 21 years.

  • Janet Chan
    Audi Brand Specialist

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    Hong Kong native Janet Chan spent part of her childhood in the Philippines before moving to New York in the early 1980's. Janet enjoys cooking, entertaining, traveling, especially trips down to the city, and is a pretty good tennis player, judging by the giant tennis ball, signed by John McEnroe, that she received as the women's champion of a Westchester Country Club benefit, which occupies a good portion of her garage.

  • Jamal Hadi
    Audi Brand Specialiast

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    Jamal brings an international perspective to the Danbury Audi team, having spent parts of his life in Germany, Finland, Israel and Jordan before settling in Connecticut and joining the Danbury Audi in 1997. Jamal holds dual Bachelor's Degrees in Business Management and Marketing and enjoys the collection of power toys that occupy his Brookfield garage.

  • Steven Johnson
    Audi Brand Specialist

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    Steven brings high degree of professionalism and extensive knowledge to the Audi Danbury team.  He is focused on finding the perfect vehicle for each individual client or family he works with.  In his free time, Steven enjoys golf and many other outdoor activities.

  • Daniel Lariccia
    Audi Brand Specialist
    (203) 546-6869

    Audi Danbury welcomes Daniel to our team our Audi experts and enthusiasts.  Dan has extensive experience in the automotive field is has always been fan of German engineering and advanced technology so Audi is a perfect fit for him and us.

  • Michael Lariccia
    Audi Brand Specialist
    (203) 546-6816

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    Audi Danbury welcomes our newest Audi Brand Specialist, Michael Lariccia, to the team.  He joins us with strong automotive experience serving customers in the greater Danbury area.  When not at the dealership, Michael might be found on a local golf course or hiking with his dog.  

  • Joseph Miller
    Audi Brand Specialist

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    At 20 years and counting, Joseph Miller is the Weeks Automobile Group's longest tenured salesperson. In each of those 20 plus years, Joseph has been a Certified Audi Brand Specialist and he brings more than 30 years of automotive industry experience with him into the dealership every day.

    A native of North Syracuse, N.Y., Joseph lives in Danbury and when he isn't at the dealership you'll find him out on the water.

  • David Rivera
    Audi Brand Specialist

    NY native Dave comes from a family of car guys. Growing up around Muscle cars gave him a true appreciation for performance  and design.  With a fitness and nutrition background  Dave considers hiking, being outdoors and competitive powerlifting among his hobbies.

  • Mark Ward-Willis
    Audi Brand Specialist

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    Mark has been with Weeks Automobile Corporation since 2000, starting with Danbury Volkswagen before moving over to Danbury Audi. Mark enjoys the outdoors and traveling to Europe (including at trip to Germany to test drive the new A6 and A7).

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